Wait, Just Photos Of The Model? No Product?

I very rarely shoot models for the model themselves — usually I’m shooting a product, a shoe, or something the model is simply promoting and selling — my client is usually the company, not the model.  So the focus is not on the model, but is on the item.  However, every once in a while, for clients who are persistent and understanding about my schedule while trying to schedule their shoot (which can be extremely hard given my wedding, corporate event, product and news schedule),  I am happy to do a shoot just for the model’s portfolio.

Now, to be honest, the whole modeling industry is a bit odd to me –  there are about a billion people out there on the internet calling themselves photographers who frequent amateur modeling websites in search for models to shoot with…  many tend to be creepily too anxious to take photos of a pretty girl…  so much so that they of course do it for free, or even pay an non experienced model to come and shoot with them.  I tend to think that this path can quickly get into the weird, creepy, scary, and dangerous realm – so most girls I meet that are interested in modeling, I try to guide away from the creeper path.  Now,  that is not to say there are not some really talented photographers out there who come up with some really great photos when working for free… but I tend to be more interested in running a sustainable and profitable business than the opportunity to take photos of a pretty girl.

The way it tends to work in the real modeling world is that girls (and guys) in addition to having some very simple snapshots of themselves, they invest in photos of themselves (not always), approach agencies (not always), sign with agencies (not always), invests in more photos with photographers the agency recommends (not always), and then the agent markets them to their clients (not always).  Client’s end up picking talent, not agencies —  although agencies only show who they want to show to the clients.

But I digress — If you’d like more of my thoughts on that whole industry, I’m obviously very opinionated on it, so feel free to just shoot me an e-mail and you are likely to get a 4 page response back!

This recent shoot with Kelly was her first shoot – as she is just beginning to build a portfolio and then approach agencies.  I was very impressed with her for her first shoot – she was fun, energetic, and very excited about shooting.  — here are a handful of the results.


“Another recent model shoot… “

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Every Once In A While…

Not often, but every once in a while I have the opportunity not to shoot models with a specific product….  but instead shoot models just for the sake of shooting models.  – Oh yeah, thats right….  they need to market themselves too and not all shoots involving models are just about whatever product we are trying to sell!  — I tend to forget that!  –

But recently I was contacted by Gabby to do a shoot aimed at grabbing some variety of images for her comp-card.  Here are a handful of the results.

As always – special thanks to Amanda Wagner for her help with styling, makeup and hair —  she is truly such a blessing to have on set during a shoot, and I always love working with her! 🙂