Newsweek Bachmann Cover Controversy

I recently worked with Newsmax again, and was able to get caught up on some of the controversy surrounding the Newsweek Bachmann cover story.  If you are not familiar with the story, just google Bachmann Newsweek cover.

When the Newsweek cover came out, I was immediately contacted by Newsmax, wanting to know if I leaked some of the “reject” shots of the Bachmann shoot to Newsweek or something —  since the outfits were the exact same, they thought the photo might have been mine.  Of course, I would not do such a thing, and promptly pointed out the differences in the earrings, and hair (but other than that, it was the exact same outfit).  This Newsweek cover was causing quite a stir, and I was happy to distance myself as much as possible from it since it is a very unflattering photo.

I did not follow up too much on the stories that followed about it – until I recently shot for Newsmax again and was informed by the reporter that Bachmann had posted the 2 photos side by side in response to Newsweek on her website and said something along the lines of “see, I can take a good picture”.  The reporter also informed me that Bachmann loved the photos resulting from our shoot, and was considering (although it did not get picked) one of them for her book cover.

You be the judge, here are some stories about the controversy featuring my cover as well….  — I like how one of them says “All I can say is, what a difference the news organization makes.”  — Come on, News organization??  Can’t they say “what a difference the photographer makes?”  —  😉  — (just kidding whoever shot the newsweek cover, I’m sure there were better shots resulting from your shoot —  and you have no control over what your editors select.)

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