The Work Of The Future (C-Ville)

C-Ville News picked up this photo of Obama. Click here to view the full story.

July 22nd, 2009 - Washington, D.C.: President BARACK OBAMA speaks in the East Room of the White House at a prime-time news conference at which Obama outlined the case for healthcare reform as well as provided an update on what has been accomplished since he took office in January..(Credit Image © James Berglie/ZUMA Press) . (James Berglie/ZUMA Press)

US Switch from Gasoline to Isobutanol (Nano News Net)

From the number 1 site about nano technology in Russia — Yes, we serve all clients! 🙂

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Energy Secretary STEVEN CHU testifies before the Senate Budget Committee Hearing on the president's FY2012 budget request for the Energy Department.. (James Berglie/ZUMA Press)

Gun Control’s Game Changers (Newsweek)

Newsweek picked up this photo of Gabrielle Giffords for their slideshow feature on “Gun Control’s Game Changers”

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Washington, D.C. - April 28th, 2010: Congresswoman GABRIELLE GIFFORDS of Arizona during a press conference where members of Congress called on the President to secure the border with the National Guard. .. (Credit Image: © James Berglie/ZUMA Press). (James Berglie/ZUMA Press)