Maryland Horse Racing Still in Jeopardy (Examiner)

My wife picked up my photo for the – view the full story here.

Saturday, May 16th, 2009 - Baltimore, Maryland: Rachel Alexandra and jockey CALVIN BOREL cross the finish line first in the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico. Rachel Alexandra is the fifth filly to win the middle jewel of the Triple Crown, the first since Nellie Morse in 1924.... (Credit Image: © James Berglie/ZUMA Press).. (James Berglie/ZUMA Press)

Fall Products Shoots

As you all know, I tend to get around a bit and I’m not one of those photographers that pigeon-hole themselves into one specific category of business and nothing more. Moreover, I really don’t understand those photographers who do in fact classify themselves as only a “wedding photographer” or only a “news photographer”, and often refuse to shoot anything but their specific category. Although I suspect this has something to do with their personal comfort level in each genre and not wanting to challenge themselves in unfamiliar situations — however I personally feel that to grow and become better, you MUST constantly challenge yourself in unfamiliar situations!

While most of my blog posts tend to be wedding and news specific, I do shoot a variety of other things as well – however I am also sometimes lackadaisical about posting other shoots for one reason or another.

Here I highlight just some of the product stuff I’ve been doing over the last few weeks, and is an idea of the type of product work I do year-round!