Baltimore Charm

This fall there will be a new sport to watch here in Baltimore as the Lingerie Football League brings its newest franchise, the Baltimore Charm to 1st Mariner Arena! If you are like me, then you are fed up with a good deal of professional sports because you feel that the athletes care more about their paycheck and their personal image than they do about winning or the team. Many have turned to college sports where players hearts seem to be more “in the game” – but I think you may also be able to turn to the LFL to find that dedication to the game, sportsmanship, focus on the team, and passion to win no longer found in most pro sports!

The Charm came to me for their needed head-shots to showcase the team on their website ( And the wonderful people at Robert Andrew Salon offered up some space for us to do the shoot on location (by the way – really impressed with this salon – gorgeous place!)

After a few of the girls arrived, it was clear that they have already formed a great bond and sense of camaraderie already during their off-season and pre-season training. It was also clear that they were all super nice and really excited about their first season with the Charm. Throw into the mix a great coaching staff and a professional league and I think we are going to have a fantastic team to watch this year!

For those of you thinking that this is just a bunch of models running around in underwear tossing a football around — I strongly encourage you to take a look around the LFL’s website and get a feel for what this really is. – There is not a doubt these girls are superb athletes — the good looks just happens to be a part of the package. This is a highly competitive, full contact football league and the Baltimore Charm is a team that surly shows some promise to preform well in their inaugural year.

Here are a couple of the shots that resulted from the first shoot with the team — I’ll probably be at the opener in Philly on Sept 17th and will follow up with some action shots then — In the meantime, you can find your tickets by clicking here! Get out there and support your Baltimore Charm!