Editorial Week-in-Review

As I personally begin covering the White House much more, and given the fact that there is so much going on in DC right now – I am trying to update the blog as much as I can! 🙂 — Here are some snips from the last week or so since the last blog! — Enjoy!

Obviously, these 2 have seen quite a bit of each other recently! — they are both starting to give each other nasty looks…. no? 🙂

Not having had the experience of covering Marine 1 coming into the White House prior to this administration I must say, I was quite impressed!

Later, the President gave his first news conference as President, at which, apparently, many people saw me in the background! — and YES – I will no longer wear that ugly jacket to the White House! 🙂

This one (below) is one of my favorites, and will be submitted amongst best news photography Quarter 1, 2009 – I’m sure if we make it, you all will know by way of the blog! 🙂

Finally, Leon Panetta is sworn in as the newest director of the CIA at CIA Headquarters

Editorial Week-in-Review

So with the change in administration at the White House, I have finally been able to get in on the “ground level” so to speak! What’s that mean for us – much more work!Here is our week in review….

Biden sure does laugh alot – We think he is really enjoying his time in the White House thus far. His demeanor seems to have rotated 180 degrees from the campaign – at least from what we have seen.

Of course – he has his serious times as well….

So far in office – much signing going on!

Sign / shake hands / smile / Repeat

Getting used to the new office, Biden walks thru the White House – not really knowing where he’s going…. 🙂

Behind the scenes views….

This week, Appointee Nancy Killefer decides to withdraw her position due to a issue with unpaid taxes….. along with Tom Daschel

The Newest US Secretary of Commerce republican senator Judd Gregg is appointed…

Celebs at Political events? – who knew?

Former Sec. Of State Kissinger attends the swearing in of the newest Sec. of State

Biden Jokes with Hillary Clinton’s mother at Hillary’s swearing in at the Dept. of State

I did find it amusing during Biden’sspeech at Hillary’s swearing in that he said he never would have thought HE would be the one swearing Hillary in — he thought it might be the other way around!

Hillary Responds to rants from the audience shouting “Get it right the first time” before she is sworn in as US Sec. of State